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5 Benefits Web Design During COVID-19

Is your business still losing money due to COVID-19 restrictions? You are not alone. Since the start of the pandemic many business owners have suffered losses due to social distancing, reduced business hours due to curfew and operating their business due to restrictions of non-essential businesses, products, or services. Web design could be the right solution for you.

Since the start of the pandemic, we have helped over 500 business owners who were affected by the global pandemic. Today, many of them running their businesses are not affected by lockdown restrictions and are making steady profits despite the crisis.

  1. Operate your business 24/7

Gone are the days where your business must open at 8AM or close at 6PM due to the curfew. Websites are open 24 hours 7 days a week. Your business can make sales anytime of the day and any day of the month.

  1. Operate your business from anywhere

Your website or online store is a solution to the frustrating social distancing problem: you don’t pay rent for listing and selling your products and there are no queues.

  1. Receive payments online

There are many options for your customers to pay. Your customers can pay online using credit/debit cards, EFT or pay cash upon delivery.

  1. Sell to anyone anywhere

The most important benefit of selling through a website or online store is that your business is not limited by distance or location. There’s no need to open branches to cover different areas. With one website or online store, you can sell to various suburbs and cities without a physical building.  

Final Thoughts

A website or online store is not only a solution to the COVID-19 restrictions, but a way in which your business can reduce operating costs and make more sales by selling to locations or cities your business does not already operate.

If you cannot afford to design a new website or online store for your business, we have launched an online retail marketplace, where you can start selling for FREE Waldolyticsmarketplace

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Mpho Makgomola

Mpho Makgomola is a Data Scientist, Quant and technology entrepreneur who founded the Waldolytics corporation. Holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences from University of Johannesburg (UJ) (APK) and Professional Certificate in Operations Research Analytics. Has over 10 years’ experience in Statistical modelling & Analytics, Data Mining, Machine Learning and extensive implementation experience South Africa, Rest of Africa and EMEIA regions across different industries including but not limited to Banking, Retail, Corporate Banking, Multilateral Development, Insurance, Banks, Retail & Telecommunications.

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  1. Joseph

    This is very insightful Mpho Makgomola. I wish I had known this when COVID started. I guess COVID changed the way we can do business going forward. Thanks for the insightful article. This is good stuff from Waldolytics.

    Joseph L

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