Online Marketplace South Africa

Thousands Of Shoppers Can’t Wait To See What You Have In Store

Online Marketplace South Africa

Online Marketplace South Africa: Waldolytics Marketplace is the fastest growing online retail store. Shopping is simple, secure and provides an excellent shopping experience.


Waldolytics Marketplace is an platform where thousands shoppers nationwide shop for unique items daily

Register as a seller

Registering as seller is free. All you need is to complete a registration process & provide relevant documents. Fees charged are between 5- 10% only when you get sales.

Create your store front

We provide easy to use tools to create personalized store front for your store. Tutorials that provide guidelines to create everything for your store are also available from your dashboard.

Publish your products

You will upload product images, titles, descriptions & prices. Upon publishing products our team will review products created to ensure that they adhere platform guidelines.

Launch & Start Selling

Once your products are approved and published, then you can start selling to thousands of customers nationwide. You will be able to create discounts and promote your coupons.

As an Online Marketplace South Africa; Waldolytics Marketplace provides a good platform for businesses to start selling for FREE. The online marketplace platform provides easy to tools to use to design you shop, pricing, deliveries and updating your social media shops automatically.


Easy Process, transparent, and Secure

Requirements for Registration

1. Copy of National ID
2. Proof of Residential Address
3. Proof of Business Address if applicable

Commission Fees

Commissions Fees are only charged on actual transactions a store makes. The range of commissions charged is 5-10% depending on the items sold and product categories.

Payments to Sellers

Our payment system is fast and reliable. Payments are made to sellers for orders that are completed and when the shoppers have confirmed the receipt of goods.

Reliable Store Front Tools

We provide easy to use tool to design and personalize your store. You will have access to track orders, and payment, performance analytics on your store and more.

Benefits of Selling on Waldolytics Marketplace:

  • We are a growing online Marketplace South Africa
  • Access to nationwide community of thousands shoppers.
  • Technical tools to run your shop successfully from anywhere.
    Marketing tools to advertise, run promotions such as coupons etc.
  • Seller protection and customer support to help you sell your products.

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