Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services in Johannesburg. Promote your brand and advertise your products and services in front of millions of customers on Facebook and Instagram.

Create Brand Awareness

Use social media marketing to tell a story about your brand. Post stories about your business and build a loyal social following and community.


Millions of people are on social media. Put your products and services in front them, they might share your ads with others.

Get New Customers

Boost your sales and grow your business by getting your loyal social following to tell others about how great your products and services are.

Social Media Marketing using Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads provides a platform for businesses big or small to run advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. With Facebook Ads you can create adverts focusing on the right audience based on their profile on Facebook, pages, people and business they Like and Follow.

For example you can run adverts on people who have listed hiking as a hobby, they currently follow hiking pages and they have previously displayed interest on hiking related adverts on Facebook before.

Why Social Media Marketing matters?

Research reveals that most people spend hours on social media, and remember that Facebook has about a billion of users globally. Users on Facebook put their details like who they are, things they like e.g. hobbies and interests, they post information in the form of videos, pictures and statements about what they are doing and where. Armed with this information you can run successful advertisements.

Another important feature is that users who like your business page and adverts can share your page and adverts with others on Facebook. Another unique feature is that of showing upcoming events and activities users are interested in which are seen by others. Therefore if you build a loyal community on the social platform, your loyal following can do a lot of branding and marketing for you.



Benefits of Facebook Ads

Focus on the right actions, behaviours and interest: Pages, businesses, people users are Like or following on the network.

Avoid one size fits all by focusing on the right audience, example run ads focusing on females.
Focus on the right location. For example you only want people in Midrand to see your adverts. 

Free multi-level marketing. For example other users can share adverts with other who might like the adverts. 

Focus on the right actions customers to take, for example do customers call you, buy online or come to your store.

You can control the amount you spend on advertisements per day, week and month.



Users on social media are entertained by images and videos. Use social media marketing to turn these viewers into customers by simply advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Social media marketing for you business

Social media users such as on Facebook tell us who they are and what they like. Place an advertisement on Facebook to thousands of users who might be interested in your products and services.  

Our dedicated accredited team  of social media marketing specialists will help you with marketing strategy, designing your advertisement from scratch and placing it front of your target customers on Facebook and Instagram.

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    Social Media Marketing Services in Johannesburg. Promote your brand and advertise your products and services in front of millions of customers on Facebook and Instagram.